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Monday, February 27, 2012

Coachella Valley Wind Farm

Four thousand wind turbines in the San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm.  This link gives plenty of interesting factual information if you're interested in the facts. Interstate 10 between Palm Springs and Los Angeles goes right through them.  They come is several different sizes, from gigantic to mini, in order to best catch the most wind. 

They have so much personality. They stand there day in and day out, waiting patiently for the wind. Then when the wind comes they work fast, long and hard with no complaints, until the wind stops. There's just something so anthropomorphic about them. 

They also look kind of like an army of aliens, but I like the more human worker image better. They are in fact working very productively. I guess they provide enough electricity for the whole Palm Springs area. There is some controversy about their impact on birds, but I think they're great. 

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