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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2nd Best BBQ Ever

About 8 months ago we found the number one, best BBQ ever, in Billings Montana. Blues BBQ is a little joint that is actually part of a gas station. The ribs are heavily smoked and pink like ham inside, fall off the bone tender, dry rubbed with sauce on the side if you want it. Great sides. We actually bought a whole slab and slaw to go after we had dinner, so that we could take it on the road with us.

Yesterday we found the 2nd best in Junction City, Oregon. Boss Hawgs BBQ is a small but stylish little place on Rt. 99, or Ivy St., north of town. It's almost invisible except for their sign. They used to just be a truck, but recently opened this little place. Inside it's a perfect blend of diner/bar and kind of a flamey, smokey decor. Old album covers one the wall.  The ribs are not pink like ham, but are heavily smoked, tender, dry rubbed, with great homemade sauce on the side. Great slaw and corn muffins. Nice Southern boy behind the smoker.

Just sayin'...

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