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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Three Vancouver Island Adventures - Part I

In the past two weeks we've had three grand adventures: a day cruise on the MV Uchuck III; kayaking on Quadra Island; and an overnight to Tofino.

The MV Uchuck III From Gold River to Friendly Cove

The Uchuck III is a freight boat that delivers to small ports all along the Nootka Sound, on the west side of the island. For a reasonable fee you can travel with her to various destinations, depending on the day.

About half way through the route a small boat pulled up alongside the moving ship to receive a shipment of bait. The crew threw four boxes over to the driver and his two kids. 

They allow dogs on the Uchuck III so Kona came along and made lots of friends.

Above is the hold cover, which while moving many passengers used as a sun deck.

This is the captain and his dog on the bridge, or the wheel house. The crew were all very friendly and welcoming. They don't make you feel like you're in the way, which makes sense because the passengers basically keep the boat in business I think.

We chose one of her shorter routes, to Friendly Cove, a very small outpost of one the tribes of aboriginal people here. (There are something like fourteen tribes on the island alone, all with long and unfamiliar names and I'm sorry but I don't know them.) 

They host visitors to the cove, run a little campground, and give tours of the old church there and other places if requested.

The old Spanish Catholic church looks pretty typical outside, but the inside is very different:

This carving along with four totem poles now inhabit the church.

A cemetery on the cove, with both Christian and aboriginal markers.

The day was beautiful, and so was the scenery from beginning to end. 

Along the route there were places where the fog rolled over the water and land masses. 

The snow capped mountains were always just over the closest hills as we traveled 
along the Nootka Sound to the sea. 

After about six hours we pulled back into the port of Gold River, with it's fishing boats and its aerodrome (what they call an airport for sea planes around here).

Next Part II: kayaking on Quadra Island.

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