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Monday, August 18, 2014

Oregon Blackberries

The last couple of times we passed through the Pacific Northwest, we noticed the abundance of blackberry bushes, but we were too early for the berries. This time we lucked out. Peak blackberry season and parked for a week in the midst of the brambles! 

There were bushes in Casey's Riverside RV Park and along almost any road we drove around Westfir and Oakridge, Oregon.  The weather was clear and warm so I took the opportunity to pick berries several times. It was fun to find the bushes with the sweetest tasting berries and be able to pick from so many bushes.

These berries taste like blackberries are supposed to taste, not like the ones in the grocery store that look beautiful but taste like some strange hybrid of berries and grapefruits.  Real food - love it. 

I followed the directions of our friends Nick and Cindy and flash froze quite a few, bagging them up for future use.  The ones I didn't freeze lasted a long time in the fridge too. 

I'll be very grateful if I can get this short post online. We are at Diamond Lake RV Park in Oregon, very close to Crater Lake National Park. It's a nice park and a beautiful area, but we have very limited connectivity or cell service. We get these brief windows of internet connection during which we can sometimes check email or browse the web, so this is really a miracle.  I'd love to post something about Diamond Lake, Crater Lake and all the waterfalls in the area, but we'll just have to see how our connection works this week.

We're heading into northern California along Rt. 395 soon, where I expect we'll have similar connectivity challenges. In three weeks we'll be in Reno so I hope I'll be able to catch up with communications then.  


  1. I too have hit the PNW many times when the blackberries were unripe or all done...but this year is an exception! The berries are just getting ripe here in Sequim and I love stopping during a walk or bike ride and eating a few tasty morsels! There are even a few bushes right outside our rv park where I've been able to pick a pint. YUM!

    1. Are we the most fortunate people or what?


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