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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Honey has a Play Date on Valentine's Day

Get ready for an onslaught of adorable puppy pictures. We met Lady, a 10 week old German shepherd, by surprise on one of our human outings. At the time Honey was 11 weeks old, and the younger Lady was almost twice as large, and quite beefy for a puppy.  

The approach was gradual, as they sized each other up. 

Honey went into seductive submissive mode to get the play started. 

It took a little time, because this was Lady's first encounter with any puppy other than her litter mates. Honey was an old hand at this already, having played 2-3 whole times with other dogs. She really laid it on and eventually it worked.

Lady got the upper hand right off. No surprise. That was part of Honey's plan.

Honey discovered an advantage.

But it didn't change the odds much.

Then she was up on her feet and the odds began to even out. Go Honey!

...and on and on it went, until all that was left was a happy puppy pudding.

Oh. The human's had a great day too.


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