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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Big Horn Mountains

We drove all day, making a loop around and through the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. I'm bushed and I wasn't even driving. Very sunny, dry and high altitudes. Saw two young moose trot across the road (they are impossibly tall!), two marmots, about twenty or more prong horned antelopes. No pictures of any of those unfortunately. Couldn't get them to smile.

Some spectacular scenery in the various canyons and on the high plans.

Shell Canyon Falls
In Buffalo, there was a Basque festival this weekend. Evidently the area was settled at one point by many Basques who were sheep herders. We did see several really huge herds of sheep along Rt. 14 in the high plains.

Wyoming is an amazing place. It's my father's home state so I feel a connection to it. He was born and raised in Cheyenne. Wish we were staying here longer, but we're meeting a friend in Montana before she leaves the state. I think we'll be back in the future. On to Billings tomorrow.

And just for those of you who may think this life is carefree. Well, of course it is in many ways, but we've got our share of pains in the ***.  Today Rick discovered a leak in our second fuel tank. We still have a leak under the kitchen sink. We can't get the mudflaps on the truck, and our spiffy TV that elevates up out of the desk hasn't elevated for days. "Cotton" from the cottonwoods keeps sticking to our shoes and tracking in all over the place. Seems like there's always something that needs fixing, and it often falls to Rick to fix it. It's not his favorite thing to do, but while he struggles with these things I read in the shade, take a pictures, blog a little and offer support and advice. What would I do without him? What would he do without me?

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  1. Hope Kona is still enjoying her "carefree" traveling. :>) Don


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