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Monday, July 11, 2011

Sylvan Lake and Spearfish Falls

A few days ago Rick, Kona and I drove south through the Black Hills to Sylvan Lake, a small, idyllic mountain lake in the area called the Needles.  Needles refers to these rock structures, which are huge and dramatic. The lake is surrounded by them.

We assembled the kayaks and spent a little time on the water. Kona was in heaven, doing her favorite thing - swimming the whole time. The weather was threatening, so we felt a little pressured for time, and then had to get off the water the sound of thunder.

Disassembling was a struggle, partly because of the pressure to get it done before the rain started. My kayak just doesn't want to come apart so easily. I wish we could figure out a way to assemble them once and then just transport them that way until we make our next move.  We don't have a rack on the truck, and they don't quite fit in the back.  So far, the time spent assembling and disassembling way outweighs the time enjoying them in the water. Bummer.

Here are my intrepid traveling partners on a foot bridge over Spearfish Canyon. We took a lovely mini-hike to  Spearfish Falls.

And a walk along Spearfish Creek. Rick and Kona are real water babies. 
Happiest in and around water. 

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