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Thursday, August 18, 2011

No prizes

Well, there were many creative guesses for the photos, but no correct answers. The first photo was of mayflies, looking like bats or birds. The mayflies swarm along some of the shores of the lake. No wonder there are so many fish in the lake.

The second was of yaks! Turns out there are quite a few yak farms in Montana, Idaho and Canada. Native to the Tibetan Himilayas, they do well in high altitudes and cold weather.  The literature says they are smarter, cuter and more playful than cows, and hardy like buffaloes. They can be used as pack animals, and are raised for their long hair and for meat.

There are no answers to the other two mysteries. The heartworm pill never showed up and the pictures are still tilted. I assume it's the way I'm holding the camera. It does have a really comfy grip on one side and not on the other, which may cause me to tilt it.

Here is the consolation prize for us all. (Corrected somewhat in Picasa for the tilt.) Notice the tiny line of irrigation sprayers at the bottom.

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