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Monday, August 15, 2011

A Morning of Mysteries

It started when I was getting Kona's heart worm pill ready. I opened the little vacuum sealed envelope, took out the pill, threw away the envelope, got out half a dog biscuit and peanut butter (to sweeten the pill for her) and the pill was gone.  Remember that our kitchen is basically one counter and a sink. Not on the counter, not on the floor, not in the sink, not in the garbage, and not in Kona. (She never takes it without the biscuit and peanut butter) And certainly not in me! Mystery number one.

The next three are not actually from this morning, but are just for fun. What is this a picture of?

Next, what are these?

And finally, why do the pictures with my new camera all turn out tilted?

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  1. Perhaps your scenes lean because your new camera is a Nikon....

    .....I mean, after all, mine does the same thing, especially with lakes. One would think that if one "bit the bullet" and bought the best one could afford (a Nikon D300), the least they could do was put in an automatic picture level.

    Or, you've lost a heel?

    No answer for the other mysteries.


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