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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fog Bow on Isle of Palms, SC

Look what Rick, brother Bob, friend Cathy and I saw today as we walked the beach on Isle of Palms! 

Thank you Cathy for catching this on your iPhone! It's called a fog bow and is just like a rainbow, except that because the particles are so uniformly small they make a white bow rather than colored. It, like others of its kind, does have a little pink and blue in it. They are relatively rare, but happen more often near or on the ocean, and in the Arctic. 

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  1. That is an amazing picture, thanks so much for sharing. My family and I have been on the lookout for some Isle of Palms real estate because we have loved the area every time we went down there. We really want to be able to go down there whenever we please during the summertime.


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