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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Our new location at TGO

We've moved to our new site at The Great Outdoors. Just to compare with our last one, here's the street view:

And the side view:

and the view from what we have of a backyard. Rick counted 12 trees on this little site!

So as you can imagine, it feels a little dark and tight compared to our last site. I think that in the summer this shade must be very welcome.  We'll be here for three weeks, but on Tuesday we move the RV to the shop to have the slide fixed. It's estimated to be a 20 hour job for a very minor repair. They have to take the bedroom slide (and that includes the bed and the washer/dryer) out completely in order to fasten down a teflon strip that has come loose under the slide. 

While the RV is in the shop we'll load up Ms. Subaru and head over to a little cottage in Astor, FL on the St. Johns River so that we can take a long kayak paddle on the Juniper Springs Run. Really looking forward to that.

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