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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Our Second Year Anniversary

Yesterday we celebrated two years of full time travel and living in our home on wheels. Our first year's journey basically took us from Chicago, IL to the US west coast from its southern to its northern limits.

Our second year took us up into the west coast of Canada and then all the way back to the Gulf and southern east coast of the US.  We've overnighted at 51 parks in 16 states or provinces, in two countries. We've visited ten national parks and countless national forests, preserves, monuments, recreational areas and state parks; taken twelve boat rides; and kayaked in numerous rivers or lakes, and taken too many hikes to keep track of.

This was the year for both of us to learn more about cameras and photography, and I got more tuned in to butterflies. When we thought back on the year, we came up with a handful of highlights that we thought we'd share as kind of a year's review in pictures.

The Pacific Northwest - Mountains, water, eagles, forests, and more water...


Butchart Gardens, BC - By day and by night

Jet Boating and Floating in Hell's Canyon


Near Kodachrome Basin State Park

Cathedral Valley in Capitol Reef NP

Arches NP

Canyonlands NP

Canyonlands NP

Cumbres and Toltec Railroad, Chama, NM

Albuquerque Balloon Festival

Carlsbad Caverns

Texas BBQ

Kreuz' BBQ, Lockhart, TX

Cooper's BBQ, Llano, TX

The Gulf Coast

Kona Surfing

and Florida Wildlife Allstars

Looking back at the year, I'm moved by the immensity, depth and variety of this land and the living things in it.  The opportunities are great, the possibilities infinite and the adventure goes on and on.


  1. So glad to find you. What wonderful experiences you've had. Thanks for sharing them through your wonderful photography. Some brought back memories for me and some made me want to get up and go, again. I have a picture of "455" of the Cumbres de Toltec. Great place--Chama. I need to go back and read previous posts.

  2. Welcome to the blog! Happy to have you on board. (Train whistle here.) Hope you continue to enjoy it.


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