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Monday, August 19, 2013

Bye-Bye Vermont : (

Our last (foggy) morning at the Brattleboro North KOA.

Every time I leave the twin states of Vermont and New Hampshire, and neighboring Massachusetts, I get all teary. They were my home for the longest continuous period of my life, where many good friends still live, and I did truly love it here. Oh dear. Well, I also really love our life on the road and am not ready to settle down anywhere just yet. So off we go.

We've had a very full social calendar, visiting with friends almost every day, at their homes, our RV or interesting places new and old. Highlights of our July and August include (but are not limited to):

Hiking and sharing a condo with Laura and Ian in Lincoln, NH.

Meeting many new colleagues, students and friends while teaching for Pratt in Lincoln, NH.

Blueberry picking at Dutton's Farm, as well as sharing several warm and cozy visits with Don and Robin in Mt. Holly, VT.

Visiting Hildene in Manchester, VT with Thomas and Audrey.

Sitting on the back porch next to heaven in Monterey, MA with Wendy and Steve M.

A way-too-quick catch-up dinner with Steve W.

A grand jovial dinner at Alec and Joan's beautiful Vermont home.

Another grand dinner, complete with buttons and bratwurst at Phyllis and Peter's home in Conway, MA.

A restful afternoon visit on Susan and Peter's back deck, overlooking Forest Lake in Winchester, VT.

42nd St. at the Weston Playhouse, featuring Dottie Stanley, in the company of Don, Robin, Chuck and Bonnie.

Three wonderful love-filled days with son Mark and his girlfriend Ahna in their new home, Portland, ME, including a ferry ride to Peaks Island.

Indian cuisine with Mike at Tandoor, also in Portland.

Biking around the campground with our lovely little neighbor Charlotte.

A surprise reunion and subsequent fun with Sandy at the Brattleboro contra dance.

Contra dancing with hundreds of new and old friends in Greenfield, MA.

PHEW! What did I forget?

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