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Monday, September 9, 2013

Until Today...

Kona loved to swim,

especially when there was a ball to be had.

She lived to swim, and did so effortlessly from the first time she splashed in.

Until today, Kona loved adventure, especially if there was hope of a swim. 
She always had high hopes for a swim.

She loved to take Lenore on a long hike, whether in the snow or the desert. 

Kona loved people. She was always happy to make new friends and harvest affection 
wherever she could. She was good at it.

Until today, Kona loved to roll in the grass, the snow, the sand, the dirt, especially after a swim.

Kona loved to stand with her face in the wind while it blew through her coat.

  Kona loved to eat, and loved to wait for the portion of food that Rick always saved for her.

Kona loved us, and we love her still, forever.

Kona was with us here, until today. 
Wherever Kona is now, we know she is wagging her tail 
and swimming in the effortless love she was born to express.

Thank you Kona for sharing your love with us.

Until we meet again...


  1. I could not help but shed a few tears for Kona after looking at your pictures. We ALL will miss her.

  2. Our condolences! What a gift to have shared so many wonderful experiences with her!


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