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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Zydeco New Year's Eve

To end our time here in Louisiana and bring in the New Year with a big bang we partied to the joyful zydeco music of Geno Delafose and the French Rockin' Boogie.  What an evening!

Geno is a favorite of the zydeco music world, and is the son of one of the zydeco pioneers. He's a local guy who lives on his ranch in southern Louisiana. He's got a charming smile and the kind of voice you could listen to all night. Although he plays all over the country, he performs a good deal of the time right here in his backyard. On New Year's Eve he was playing in the Vermillionville Performance Center in Lafayette, Louisiana. People come from all over the country to celebrate New Year's Eve here and dance zydeco. 

The venue has tables that seat 6-8 around the edge of a medium sized hall, and a large dance floor, because you can't stay in your seat while listening to this music! It is an infectious, high energy kind of music and the folks around here love to dance, so the floor was packed for every dance. Rick and I don't know how to do zydeco (despite a great lesson from our friend Heidi 15 year ago), but we got up and danced to the Cajun waltzes and slower two-steps.  We love the music and enjoy watching the dancers. Check out this link to see just what zydeco dancing is all about. I can't even begin to describe it in words. 

We had wonderful tablemates - John and Lily from Broussard, LA. They've owned and run Norbert's, a home-cooking restaurant in Broussard, for almost 50 years. They were so welcoming and generous that we felt right at home. Boy could they dance (at 70 and 80 years old)!! Lily made sure we had plenty to eat and drink (gratis) all through the evening, as she cooked the meat pies and her daughter was running the house! We really got lucky. 

And guess what else! Today, January 1, 2014, is Rick's and my 15th anniversary. Another great reason to celebrate! 

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  1. Wish I had that much energy AND could dance! Don :>(


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