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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Truck! The Truck!

Today our truck arrived at the dealer, Village Buick GMC in Naperville IL. Our salesman, Mark Oliver has been a trooper over the last year, fielding all our questions, and becoming a real truck expert along the way. The truck is a GMC, 3500 SLT crew cab dually. We went to see it and had a chance to sit in it to be sure it had all the features we expected. (It did.) It was covered in snow from its trip all the way from Flint, MI.  We do feel good about supporting US economy and all those GMC factory workers. We won't be able to pick it up until next week when we have our South Dakota address and license plates. It'll probably stay parked at the dealers for awhile, as we don't really have room in the driveway!  Here's a photo:


  1. Very nice blog. Your writing style makes for easy and enjoyable reading.

    RV Dreams follower

  2. Sweet looking truck. Congratulations and hope your new life on the road is a daily adventure. Enjoy life to the fullest - the way life should be experienced. I really like the way the new models incorporate the expanded fender well rather than a bolt on extension.


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