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Monday, March 28, 2011

The house is going, going....

Well, the sale of the house is imminent. We got a decent offer from a sweet young couple who are having a baby any minute, and wanted a closing date of May 31. Perfect! We have a signed contract, and the inspection went smoothly. What a relief. We did take a hit on our overall investments in the house, but understood this was a possibility in the current real estate market. It's so worth it to know that we won't have to wait around for it to sell, try to rent it, or leave it empty.  It feels now like we are in this whirling vortex of preparations all heading toward the closing date. Whoooosh!!!

So, we are planning a bon voyage party for early June, at the KOA in Union, IL. Come back soon for the details!


  1. Wonderful news! Can't wait to hear more about this bon voyage!

  2. Awesome news. The house thing is such a huge deal. Will ook forward to photos of the bon voyage party.


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