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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wish list

Family, loved ones and colleagues have been asking what they can give us as a Going Away/House Warming gift. That's a tough question. When asked "What do you need?" all I can think of is "Less!" I don't mean to be flip, but our heads are so into letting go, that it's hard to think of anything more.  In fact the first time someone asked me that question my first answer was "Health insurance," but then I figured out what she was really asking, and I've given the idea some more thought.

In this new life we are thinking along the lines of experiences rather than things. And consumables. I realize these options don't fit the bill for the "little thing that we will remember you always by," but they will make our adventure richer and more enjoyable in many ways.  For instance, our National Parks Senior Pass will allow us into all the National Parks at a much reduced rate for the rest of our lives! (But we have that already.)

So here are some ideas in case you are interested:

RV club memberships: For an annual fee we get reduced rates at many campgrounds. Here are the most popular ones.

           Passport America: http://www.passportamerica.com/
           Camp Club USA: http://www.campclubusa.com/

RV education: There are folks offering educational DVDs to help us learn how to drive the dang thing and keep it rolling safely.

            RV Education 101: http://rveducation101.com/rvtrainingproducts/

Consumables, gift cards: These are places that are almost everywhere in the US

            Camping World
            Shell (yes, gasoline)
            Walmart (The RVers best friend - I know, boring)
            Massage Envy
            Amazon (for Kindle books)
            Starbucks (got to have that espresso!)

Oh and one thing:

            A small, easy to use, all-weather digital camera with a small zoom lens.

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  1. Those are all good ideas for your friends. I would add, gift cards for Walmart, Target etc. and for some of the chain restaurants. Those were some of the gifts we received that really helped us when we started our adventure


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