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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Poulsbo, Washington

We spent the day on Bainbridge Island, (see next post) we stopped in the little port town of Poulsbo, Washington.

Poulsbo is also known as "Little Norway" for the heritage that has shaped the community.  Many Norwegian immigrants settled here to engage in the livelihoods that are also common in Norway - fishing and forestry. The climate seems like a milder version of Norway's as well.

On the main street of town we stopped at Sluy's Bakery, a fantasy come true. The world cannot have too many bakeries like this one.  I didn't know about it, but could just tell by the town and by the front of the store that it was going to be great. I want to move to Poulsbo just to try everything in the bakery. It would take awhile.  We came away with an apple strudel and chocolate chip cookies. 

We passed the port itself and spotted a children's sailing class at the yacht club. 

Unfortunately there was no wind so they were heading in.

Once on Bainbridge, we headed south down the length of the island and caught some lunch in Eagle Harbor at the Harbor Public House.  This cozy little waterfront pub specializes in locally sourced produce, meats, wines and microbrews (as is the trend in this area).  Rick had what I think was probably the best chowder ever. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent at Bloedel Reserve, which needs a whole post of its own. 

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