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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Joy Riding

Went to visit our truck today, which is still sitting on the dealer's back lot. We don't really have room in our driveway to keep it at home while we still have our other cars. So we go visit it. Today we spent a long time just sitting in it, figuring out how all the systems work. Then we took it out for its first highway ride! Joy riding...It was a little hard not to think of the price of diesel, and not to let it take the joy out of our ride, but we managed to have a really fun and free afternoon away from the house. It was a beautiful early Spring day.

There is a lot going on at home, and we are feeling just a little stressed at times. Rick is working so hard on the paperwork to establish our residency and mailing address in South Dakota, register the truck, and take care of the things that came up in the house inspection. The inspection results were reasonable, though a little surprising, and the things we need to do are not really major, just a pain in the $%#*!!  It's a lot to juggle while also arranging the estate sale, and doing the taxes on top of that! But he's handling it all. Amazing. I'm so grateful for his competence and steady effort at these things while I go off to work.

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