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Friday, June 10, 2011

We're on the Road

We've accomplished our first move by driving from the dealership to a nearby KOA. (Big deal!) Rick did very well driving the truck while towing the 5th wheel for the first time along the country roads. Rick Flanagan, owner of Holiday Hour RV dealership actually rode with us to make sure we made our transition and hook up successfully. The whole team at Holiday Hour has been really helpful to us while we figured what was just our inexperience and what was a real problem with the RV. Hitching and unhitching is a little nerve wracking and seems complicated at this point, as it's totally new to us. We got a late start, but we got here, and had a very late dinner at the Wild West Steakhouse bar next door. That helped us imagine we had actually gotten somewhere.

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  1. I read to Wendy how you felt like you'd actually gotten someplace (Wild West Steakhouse... in Illinois? take what you can get...!) Anyway, after we laughed about that last line, she asked me if I'd actually looked at your blog, and I hadn't. So here I am! I like that Rick is out there meeting real people. And then he remembers everything about all these real people. Wendy's Mom (super gregarious and rememberfulnessosity...) says, "There are no strangers, just friends I haven't met yet." Could be a bumper sticker for Rick!



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