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Friday, June 24, 2011

Badlands, South Dakota

Probably most folks have seen photos of the Badlands on calendars and postcards, and maybe had the chance to be there. The place is so dramatic, with the green grass leading right up to the copper colored sedimentary rocks and mud. We camped just south of the Badlands, and so we drove through them several times to get somewhere for dinner, and to and from the highway. I took all these drive-by shots, never expecting them to be any good, and look!

Passed this herd of mountain goats or longhorn sheep, I don't know which. I don't think any were adult males so they didn't have any long horns anyway. About 20 moms and kids.

We also saw our first pronghorned antelopes of the trip. Plenty of prairie dogs, some deer. No elk or bison yet.

We'll be in South Dakota now for a month. We're at the Elkhorn Ridge RV Resort in  Spearfish, a nice real town, compared to nearby Deadwood, which is tourists and casinos.  We got our SD driver's licenses today, and applied for our vehicle registrations. We're officially South Dakotans now.

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  1. These pictures are amazing! Last week when we had a pretty bad storm I thought of you and Rick. Hope it did not damage your new home. And we received your "thank you" card in mail. :) Thank you for inviting us once again and have a safe trip.
    Did you have your daily espresso yet? :0
    Thinking of you....



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