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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sycamore, IL

This is one of those little American towns I wish there were more of. Sycamore is the seat of Dekalb County, so it has a classic grey stone court house grounding the town square, surrounded by a red stone library, a brick post office, and a vital downtown with numerous quality establishments.  No doubt it benefits from the proximity of Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, and may be a bedroom community for its employees.

Shawn's is a great little coffee house just a block or two from the square. I guess because so many people come into town for court house business, there are lots of good looking restaurants and bar/grills scattered around the square, some with outdoor seating. We ate at a very classy, understated place called Nat's On Maple last night. Excellent rib eye and Maple Street salad. Great little non-chain grocery story just east on State St.

Grand old Victorian houses with shady gardens line the main drag south of town.

Any street you take leads you out into scenic countryside with picture perfect farms and cornfields. 

Flat as a pancake. The wind never seems to stop blowing.

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  1. Your pictures are breath taking. There may be a photographer hiding in there.


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