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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Beauties of the Southern California Coast

There's a lot of gorgeous scenery around San Diego, much of it on the coast. These pictures offer up just a small sampling of what we saw.

Of course one of the first places we had to find was a dog beach. There are two great ones in the area: Ocean Beach and Del Mar (below). Full of dogs just doing everything they love with very little intervention from their owners. 

Then we went to Point Loma, which is one of the many military installments here, 
with a striking and poignant cemetery. 

Further out there is a park with this historic lighthouse. 
From the point you can see all of San Diego, Coronado and all the way to Mexico.

Downtown San Diego is right on the bay and is like a cross between Chicago, San Francisco and Miami. No, that doesn't do it justice. It just has his lovely open, bright, new feeling to it. 
It's also very easy to navigate.

North of San Diego there are a string of dramatic beaches and idyllic towns, perhaps the most well known is La Jolla. It's an upper crust sort of town with boutiques and high end restaurants. But it also has a spectacular shore, lined with parks and viewing areas. Here is a work of art that is easy to overlook, that describes some of the reasons people love La Jolla.

The most beautiful residents of La Jolla by far are the harbor seals who grace the waves, sandy beaches and rocky shores day and night at this time of year. I guess it's the birthing season. Here's what I think is a  handsome family.

And a loner on the rocks amongst the cormorants.

Near La Jolla is a glider park where people jump off the cliffs with gliders and sail over the ocean, turn around and land back on the cliff tops. There was no one gliding the day we were there, but the view was a perfect example of the beautiful shores all along the coast of southern California.

I sent off my article to my co-author today for a final read, so it's out of my hands until next week. Yeah!!!  Now I'm off to yoga. I found a great studio in Temecula where they teach many classes every day, including Anusara, which is my current favorite style.  I can take three perfect classes a week and still have time to visit the farmer's market and sit by the duck pond in Aguanga. More about our new current home soon.

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