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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rancho California RV Resort

This is a unique experience for us. Someone in Montana recommended this place, or we would have never considered it. It is an Outdoor Resort, called Rancho California. It's an ownership RV park, like a condo. Some of the sites are single sized and undeveloped, like these, and sell for about $50,000, plus about $400/month in fees.

And some are larger and developed, to say the least, and sell for upwards of $100,000.

Typical development includes some kind of shade structure, grills, sinks, seating areas, bars. Some even have washers and dryers outside. This one has....

...a model railroad. That black structure is a little trestle bridge.

The amenities include a 14 hole golf course, a store and a very nice little restaurant, 5 pools with jacuzzis, two club houses, activities, 24 hour security and a gate.

The sites can be rented from the owners for an extremely reasonable fee, from the lovely realtors here, Candice and Kim at Fairway Estates. We are getting our site for two months, for about $20 a night. That is literally the cheapest site we've ever had. And it is one of the nicest. We selected one with a little patio,  some shade trees, overlooking a pond, with ducks (again).

Here's the view from our window:

Our backyard:

And here's the view from the "street":

This is one of the clubhouses, with one of the pools:

By way of contrast, the surroundings are typical southern California middle desert rocky hills covered with scrub and cactus. 

Rancho California is like a mini Palm Springs - one of these golf oases in the desert.  If you were a golfer it would be heaven. We're not, but it's still pretty darn nice. 

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