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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Still in Austin

Finally!  Our internet connectivity has been so bad I've been unable to post for awhile. Sorry for the delay. We are now using a Millenicom 4G MiFi Hotspot gizmo that seems to be working really well.  We had been using a WiFi Ranger that pooped out on us awhile ago, a Datastorm Satellite that is close to useless, and an older Millenicom air card that was serviceable. However, once we ordered the MiFi, Millenicom cancelled our old air card, so we were between services until the new gizmo arrived in our delayed mail system. But now we are hot!

Before I get on with Austin, let me reveal that the ducks or geese in Kerrville, TX, that I quizzed readers about a few weeks ago are called Egyptian Ducks, or Geese. They seem to be called both, depending on the source.  Here they are again:

Since my last post we have gotten to know the highways of Austin's western suburbs pretty well, and have seen some of the sights in the city.  There's a lot of driving to be done around here.

My friend Carol took us to SoCo, that's South Congress, an area that has evolved from funky to trendy in the last 5-10 years. Austin has a motto "Keep Austin Weird" and I'd say that as SoCo grows and changes, it still manages to resist mainstream normal.  This picture is looking north on Congress to downtown, and in the middle you can see the capitol, now surrounded by Austin's new skyscraper growth.

Carol, her dog Molly, Rick, Kona and I started our tour of SoCo by just walking the street and taking in the food trucks and store fronts. Kona did her usual harvesting affection routine with the passer's by, who obliged enthusiastically.

Austin has a thriving food truck business/culture. I love the cupcake Airstreams, through I haven't tried their cupcakes yet. 

 There were numerous street musicians:

The Mighty Cone and Amy's Ice Creams are two very popular spots.

I popped into Tesoros, a great Mexican imports store, and did a little Xmas shopping.

But the peak of the street for me was Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds.

Lucy in Disguise is an ENORMOUS store with everything you could ever want in the way of costumes and out of the ordinary clothing and accessories. 

It is a veritable cornucopia of wigs, sunglasses, crowns, boas...

costume jewelry, hats, size 13 women's shoes, masks....

Yes, and even pasties (just in case you've misplaced your own)...

and holiday paraphernalia.

I am not a costume person really, but I LOVED this place.  If I lived here I might start having costume parties.

As the sun went down we stopped for dinner at Home Slice Pizza http://www.homeslicepizza.com, another SoCo favorite, for a couple of slices of New York (really!) style pizza.  

The evening was the perfect temperature for sitting outside and it gave the dogs more opportunities to cash in on needy dog lovers walking by. 

Carol's been a great hostess here in Austin, welcoming us into her community of friends and family, and teaching me how to play dominoes. 

We also had a wonderful post-Thanksgiving visit with my aunt, uncle, cousin and his family who live nearby.  Although I missed posting on Thanksgiving, it's never to late to say how grateful I am for this  exciting life I'm living, the beauty of our country, abundant good health, brave and patient companions, long-time friendships and a loving family.  

This coming week we'll be getting ready to travel east for a quick and dirty haul to South Carolina. I'll keep you posted.

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