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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Motel Limbo Redux

FYI, none of the pictures in this post have anything to do with the content. I took them early one morning at Ellie Ray's RV Resort and I'm sharing them with you because the actual content is such a drag.  If you don't want the news, just look at the pictures. It's good to have choices. 

In our blog stats there is this entry from before we actually started traveling, entitled Motel Limbo, and it is one of the most popular posts ever, for no clear reason. I'm thinking it's just the name. Does it sound like pornography? Is that why it gets so many hits? Well, it's a pretty dull, short post with no photos, so don't bother checking it out. But, here we are again, in a motel, playing limbo. How low can we go? Probably not much worse than this particular Days Inn.

We're back in Titusville at this Days Inn because our RV is once again in the shop, and this is the closest motel that will allow us to have Kona with us for a reasonable fee. (Now there's a pet peeve tangent I could go off on but won't.)  Some readers may recall that we had an issue with our bedroom slide that required a very time consuming fix for a little problem. Well it looks like they did not put the slide back with all the hatches properly battened, and various hoses and wires are hanging down into our hydraulic slide compartment in a way that they shouldn't. As a result, every time we open and close the slide all those hoses and wires are being pinched, pushed and pulled into odd places and angles. There may even be some kind of water leak in the area from a smooshed hose.

We're trying to be good sports and recognize that this is all just part of the full time RV life.  But on top of this issue we also have (or had) a fresh water plumbing leak into our undercarriage and one of our furnaces wasn't working this morning. We have no idea how long these repairs will take. So we're hanging out in this poor excuse for a motel for who knows how many days, eating at Cracker Barrel, watching TV with all the commercials (sans Tivo) and basically breathing through it.  It's not that bad and certainly could be a lot worse.

So, let's all be grateful for the rays of light and love in our lives, even during the dark and dreary times. 

And breathe.

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