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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Things We Can't Do Without - 1 Again.

Funny, I forgot to mention that I also use a yoga mat for yoga. Imagine that. Getting exercise while living full-time on the road is not always easy. We walk/hike and ride our bikes as often as we can, given weather and environment, and we even kayak now and then. Before starting our adventures I had been practicing yoga for about 9 years and intended to continue to do so on the road. I brought along my yoga mat, a couple of yoga blocks and a bolster, and some yoga videos. It's very hard to practice yoga in our RV, as space is limited and I can't quite create the same ambience as a yoga studio to support a meditative and motivated state.

Luckily, there are many fine yoga studios across the country and I have been fortunate to find some excellent teachers. But this goes in fits and starts. I'll go for periods of time without finding a studio as well.  (Right now I'm in one of those long stretches - and not the yoga kind.)

Here are a few of the best places 'cross the country that I've found to practice yoga:

Gaea Yoga in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina 

Living Yoga in Temecula, California

The Ocean Resort in Campbell River, British Columbia, CA 

YogaHeart Montana in Polson, Montana

Bodhi Yoga in Bee Cave, Texas

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  1. Just had the chance to take three 50+ classes from Sharon Carter at Universal Spirit Studio in Naperville, IL. They're great classes. So full of joy and laughter, and yet just the right amount of hard work for the "not-as-young-as-I-used-to-be" body. If you're ever in Naperville, I highly recommend the studio and Sharon.


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