"Could I have this dance for the rest of my life?" - Anne Murray

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Keep on Dancing!

I am revisiting a post from awhile ago, for a couple of reasons. It popped up on the sidebar of this blog as a post that people are reading now, so I reread it too, and loved it again. Embedded in it is a beautiful video created by the Ontario Arts Council that captures a truly universal sentiment that has been central to my personal and professional life.

People sometimes ask why our blog is called "Dancing 'Cross the Country" and this video will help explain it. Although we may not be literally dancing all that often, we try to keep the spirit of dance alive in our adventures, as individuals and in our relationship. There are aspects of dancing, like mutual respect, alertness to the other person, cooperation, timing, going with the flow and small space negotiation that all contribute to the success of our lives on the road.

Finally, I want to honor my community of friends and colleagues in the dance/movement therapy world. This weekend I attended the Alumni Concert of the Creative Arts Therapy Department, Columbia College Chicago. It was wonderful to see my friends and to witness again the commitment and passion they have for dance.

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