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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Update on Drifting Jacks

I forgot to relate that we think we've finally fixed our drifting jacks problem. For the past year we've been having trouble with the two driver's side jacks drifting down while we're driving. Not good. We've had them "fixed" several times and have been advised by Lippert as to various ways to bleed, purge, tighten the valves, etc. At our last repair stop in San Antonio, we got the diagnosis that it wasn't the valves but the jacks themselves that were the problem.  OK...

So, because we were going to be in Kerrville, TX for awhile, we took the RV to LeMeilleur's Truck and RV to have the two faulty jacks replaced. It was not a huge job, and shouldn't have taken too long but... just after we pulled into one of their bays, the Level Up system wouldn't work. We all puzzled over that for awhile, with no results...because the solenoid was broken. That was a new problem. We had just used the system not 15 minutes before. So the jacks and slides were not moving until that was fixed, and of course they didn't have that solenoid in stock. And because the slides wouldn't open, we were unable to live in the RV while waiting for the part and the repair.

Off to the local motel with no clothes and no toiletries. Luckily the part was able to ship overnight and the repairs were all done by the following afternoon. We were very impressed with LeMeilleur's. They were efficient and communicative all along the way. Their shop was large, clean and orderly, with a very comfortable, well equipped waiting room.

Although we haven't had the chance to test the jacks on a long drive, they did stay up on the ride home from the shop, and haven't collapsed at all since we've been parked. So we're hopeful that it's finally fixed. We travel again soon, so we'll know for sure then.  Oh, and our extended warranty covered much of our costs. That was good news.

Although this all sounds like a giant pain-in-the-neck, we've gotten used to these unpredictable events and have learned to roll with what comes our way. It's all part of this full-time lifestyle, and it's all worth it (though we sure wouldn't miss this part).

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