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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Bear Hug from Montana

Greetings! We have just a few weeks left to our summer in Montana. We've had heat, fires, changed plans, good company, glorious water adventures and strenuously rewarding hikes. Currently we are at McGregor Lakes RV, on the lake of the same name in the northwest corner of the state. 

We encountered this young black bear about 1/4 mile from our parking spot today. Our first Montana bear!

I had just enough bandwidth to squeak this post out. (Took about a half hour.) We expect to be back in Verizonland some day in our future, and will pick up the blog in fuller form when that happens. Until then we hope all our readers are safe and happy and enjoying life to its fullest. 


  1. Love the white patch on the bears chest! What a handsome photo!

  2. He/she looks so cuddly posing for you. Beautiful country - enjoy!

  3. Replies
    1. And this wasn't even a telephoto shot! This cub was very close. He'd been napping under the tree , woke up, stretched on the tree then plopped down to watch us. Seemed completely unafraid. Probably not too good for his future. Just TOO cute for his/her own good!


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