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Friday, April 22, 2011

Parties Parties Parties

First there's a Retirement Party at work on May 4. Then I'm throwing a Birthday Party (with cupcakes!) at my office on May 10, (4-7 pm) which will double as a fundraiser for the new "Lenore Hervey Artistic Inquiry Award" (an award for Columbia College Chicago dance/movement therapy students who are doing artistic inquiry for their thesis). All are welcome and donations are tax deductible.  I will also be giving away books, art work and file cabinets worth of articles. No purchases necessary. So come and bring your check book!

Then, the final Bon Voyage/Trailer Warming Party on June 11, 2-8 pm, at the North West Chicago KOA in Union, IL. It is located off Route 90, next to Wild West Town. We will be staying at that KOA probably from about May 24 to June 12, getting our trailer legs and figuring out how everything works. So if you can't make it on June 11, why not come out for an overnight of camping at the KOA during that time.

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