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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shredding paper: The epitome of purging.

Bags, bins and boxes full. Who knew we had so much sensitive paper to get rid of? Well, I guess we did, but were avoiding doing anything about it. It's the last of the throwing out process. To shred or not to shred? Its a scary question. What if we need it? Well, we haven't ever needed any of it before, so we're taking the risk.  Rick is going to a community shredding event to get rid of much of it this morning.

File drawers are our biggest space issue in the new RV. We just don't have any, although we planned on it. The manufacturer told us at one point that we could, but when it came right down to the final plans, they said it wasn't possible with the design we came up with. So, we got over it and now have to bring those portable file drawers, bankers boxes, and other less than handy methods of dealing with the last of the paper.

Other than this paper problem, the hardest thing right now is how much I'm thinking about all at once: health insurance, bank account changes, address changes, what to bring and what to leave, house repairs, truck prep, technology choices, legal issues, parties, getting stuff to my son - not to mention the normal end-of-semester pressures at work. I have to keep reminding myself to stop, to trust that it will all get done. We're working on a couple of deadlines - first the estate sale and then the house closing, which also happens to be my last day at work.  They all seem to be coming fast and furious. My self-care skills are maxing out.

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