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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Loading up the RV!

We spent a relaxing and very satisfying weekend bringing some of our belongings out to the dealer and loading up the cupboards and the basement of the RV. On Sunday the weather was finally warm and sunny; the dealership was closed so it was very peaceful. Kona (our dog) went for a swim in the pond and spent the rest of the afternoon sitting out under a tree in the grass. It was idyllic. My son Mark even called to wish me a Happy Mothers Day. Couldn't wish for more.

The truck (3500, GMC Sierra dually diesel) is driving beautifully. Even though it's really big, it's smooth and quiet, and does feel really powerful. Rick had the chance to pull the trailer with it a few days ago when he got the orientation from the RV dealer. He learned how to work all the RV systems: electricity, appliances, slides, water, heaters, air conditioner. Then he came home and tried to tell me all about it. He did a pretty good job, but I still have to try it all out myself. Today we hooked up to the electricity and ran the slides all by ourselves today without incident. Boy it's eerie watching the walls of your home fold in on themselves the first time. Walls are not supposed to do that!

We're finding, as every new fulltimer must, that we need to be inventive about how to load the cupboards, which are oddly shaped in places. Nothing is quite like it is in a "sticks and bricks" home. The challenge is to use the odd spaces efficiently, and keep things from sliding around and crashing into each other. Especially the dishes. There aren't enough drawers, and there are too many cupboards. Rick and I both have ideas about where things should go of course, so this is requiring creative collaboration, compromise and flexibility.
Looking through one of the huge empty kitchen cupboards

Our plan is to move completely into the RV on about May 23, right before the estate sale. The RV may still be at the dealer at that time, as there are a few more things that need to be done to the truck and hitch before we can move it out. The dealer has a couple of spaces with water and electricity for folks to stay while they're working on their rigs. We hope to move to the NW Chicago KOA as soon as possible after that. Looking to leave the state on about June 15.  Thank goodness we have this transition time to get used to the whole things before we pull out on our own.

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